Experience Tremendous Momentum toward Relationship Altering Change with a Couple’s Retreat

What are Couples Retreats?

Couples Intensives are a retreat from our usual stressors and problems. It is an extended therapy session of 1 or 2-days to focus completely on your relationship. Intensives are geared toward taking a deeper dive into changing what is not working and building the skills to bring your relationship to a better place.    

Who are Intensives for?

Intensives are for couples in which both of you are really ready to put in a big effort to make your relationship work. 

Who can benefit from an Intensive?

The short answer is every couple. Especially those who are struggling with their relationship, and are motivated to really make things work.  

Why should I sign up for an Intensive versus weekly sessions?

I find Intensives to be much more transformative. Instead of having the usual life interruptions and what seems to be too short weekly 50-minute sessions, we'll have a chance to really focus on what is not working to help you heal your relationship more quickly. We will have the luxury of one or two full days together.

I have prepared a great deal ahead of time to really get to know your story by reading over the questionnaires that you have filled out. These longer sessions are geared for you to progress more than if you had the equivalent number of hours of individual sessions. These longer Intensives can be equivalent to 3 to 6 months of weekly sessions.

I know that schedules can be crazy. And sometimes, even getting away for an hour-long session can be difficult. So this is a really incredible opportunity for the two of you to really take a deep dive and focus on what is really important, you and your relationship!

Things that you could gain from these extended therapy sessions

Instead of having to check in each time for regular weekly sessions, taking precious time away from our time together, you can check in once. And then we can get to work!

You have an opportunity to gain more traction: It is time effective, personalized, with month of work in a short time. You will get a lot of practice with the skills, and it is cost-effective. You'll leave with a notebook full of handouts of the exercises that you can refer to forever. First of all, 

You'll come away with...

  • A new understanding of your self and your partner We will
  • Improved communication
  • A change in how you approach your partner
  • Ideas for ways change things to put your relationship on a better track.

What will be expected of me?

First of all, besides the normal paperwork, there will be several questionnaires to fill out. These questionnaires will give you a chance to really explore your thoughts and feelings, and what you want to create in your relationship. They will also allow me to gain insight into what is not working in your relationship so that I can better guide you.

For you and your connection to your partner to experience the most progress, it will be necessary for you to show up for the sessions, do the homework, and listen to your coach. The process

What kinds of topics/interventions can I expect?

  • We will cover communication. Not just strategies, but I will help you learn to discuss those hard to talk about subjects. 
  • Information about how Neuroscience and Attachment theory impacts your connection with each other.
  • What Differentiation means and how you can, both, hold onto your truth and communicate it to your partner, and manage your reactions to hearing your partner's reality.
  • How to set boundaries while still being loving to your partner.
  • What are the components to working as a team and how to improve your ability to do it.
  • Fostering empathy, self-advocacy, emotional resilience and integrity.
  • Timely and effective communication.
  • Effective negotiation and decision-making.  

Is it scary?

The process you go through in these extended sessions can trigger your anxiety. However, I will be there with you guiding you and working with the parts of you that are worried or anxious. Couples tend to get into ruts as they work with tacit agreements they unknowingly made and wounded parts of themselves keep getting triggered. This Intensive is an opportunity to walk past where you have been before and to embrace a new way of being. 

What is included in the cost of the Intensive?

The scheduling is custom-made for each couple. However, here are the things  common for all couples:

  • A 1-hour consultation to better determine if an Intensive is the most productive route for you to take, and at this time
  • 6 or 12 hours of coaching (depending on whether we go with the 1 or the 2 day format)
  • Follow-up session(s) will be discussed
  • A binder of handouts you can use during and after the Intensive
  • Several hours of preparation on the therapist's part as she reads over, studies, your questionnaires 
  • Office rental costs

What do I do now if I'm interested in pursuing the Intensive format of coaching?  

If this format speaks to you, reach out to me. Just click on Get In Touch tab (on this website) and drop me a note!