Therapeutic Transformative Workshops Improve Your Relationship with Yourself and Others

These workshops are a group experience that will be offered several times a year on different topics. It is a way of really giving yourself a boost. This format of half-day to day-long is a deep dive into the issues that matter the most to you as well as ideas for change. These workshops are geared towards making greater progress than the equivalent number of hours of individual 50-minute (too short) sessions. Besides strengthening your relationships you can expect that you are likely to enhance your personal growth and decrease negative emotions, responses and patterns that have been working against you. The topics will vary covering issues significant to couples as well as different workshops with topics pertaining to individuals, each geared towards improving your relationship with yourself and with others.

If you find this idea really fascinating, a condensed version of therapy with benefits equivalent to many weeks or even months of therapy, let me know your interest by going to the Get in Touch page and dropping me a line.

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