"I seek those moments where I can just be, live in the moment, and have a sense of reverence and gratitude."


Gail Garwood, MA

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Being in nature is my favorite thing in the world to do and the place I have gained the most wisdom. As a teenager I realized that if I walked long enough, all the different parts of me that were troubled or anxious would settle down, and I would be left with clarity and tranquility. I would get a clear vision of what I wanted to create next.

Today being outdoors hiking or biking, while being surrounded by Nature, brings me a feeling of peaceful calm. In the moment that gets me in touch with my deeper truths. Spending time in nature helped me to realize that I am passionate about better understanding Human Nature so that I can help others struggle less and feel more fulfilled. 

I have more than 25 years of experience in the Mental Health field. My life has been about creating more connectedness, improving resilience, and experiencing more joy in the context of creating my dreams. I have had my share of struggles, traumas and sometimes just falling on my face. I am passionate about finding answers and gaining wisdom. 

This is what I bring to our session. It brings me a great deal of satisfaction when I can help others to claim a sense of serenity and balance; to enhance their relationships, create a healthier lifestyle and increase satisfaction.