What are the steps to take in order to be a client in my practice?

I prefer to speak to individuals by phone or both partners on Zoom prior to setting up an appointment. I allow 10-15 minutes for these calls so both you, the prospective client(s), and myself can better gauge whether I'm the therapist that can best help you; whether our schedules fit, our comfort level with each other and whether I can meet your needs. Then based on the call and whether we decide to work together, I send you an email with the link to Garwood Counseling's client portal. There you will find the paperwork that needs to be done before scheduling. Generally the first session takes place a week after the initial screening call. By approaching the first appointment in this way, I have found that therapy can and often does begin right away in the first session.

What about payment for services?

Gail Garwood's Private Practice is located in downtown Iowa City in a beautiful office right above the Java House. She accepts Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance and private pay. 

Once we have decided to work together, I make an agreement with you that I will attend our appointments. I expect that since you are committed to feeling less pain and working on things that are not working in your life that you are agreeing to be there as well. I am aware that sometimes things come up that are out of your control and you need to cancel or change an appointment. Just be sure you give at least a 24 hours advance notice. It will save you having to pay my hourly fee for late cancellations and no shows.

Individuals and Couples

Where focus goes, energy flows. Gail Garwood may be the therapist or coach for you if you have the motivation to grow and change the things that are not working in your life. If you are tired of feeling stuck in the same patterns that have not been working and you want more in your life. If your are ready to discover who you really are and want to have more periods of a deeper peace or inner confidence with yourself and the world. If this describes you, it is time to commit to this journey to live your best self.