How I work in Individual Therapy


My hypothesis: Our reaction to what is triggered in us is the main cause of conflict or problems with others.

Strong internal reactions get in the way of accomplishing what we want in life and from connecting with others in the way we want. We try to repress, get rid of parts of ourselves, those feelings or thoughts that don’t feel good. However, in doing so things don’t get better. They stay the same, or worse, these strong feelings take over unexpectedly. This only causes more conflict - internally and externally.

I have learned that when I have strong emotions, to listen inside; to begin to hear and better understand why I’m upset - versus suppressing these feelings. When I do this, the emotions calm down. Only then will internal harmony be possible. By becoming more aware of your unconscious needs, feeling the pain of the unmet need and spending time on self-care we begin healing internal wounds. Through tiny little internal shifts we begin to repair and revitalize, leading to changes in how we act and react in the future.

I can teach you how to calm and befriend the parts of you that are often repressed. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to lessen pain and decrease reactivity?