How I work with individuals who are part of a couple

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What if I told you that relationships go through predictable stages and even working with one person in the couple in individual therapy can help you navigate even the most difficult issues that you are facing? People often wait until they have been mired in their conflict or problems for years before they reach out for help. Or, they have tried many things and feel stuck, at an impasse and not sure what to do now.

We go into relationships with good intentions, hoping to finally have the connection that we so long for. Our patterns of interactions create misunderstandings and conflict. We oftentimes try to change our partner to be what we want and feel frustrated and angry when that does not happen. Sometimes it is difficult to find the love or the ember of passion that we crave or that brought us to our partner to begin with. I can help you better understand what is getting in the way of you connecting with your partner in the way that you desire.

With your commitment to modify the things you are doing that are not working, you can transform the overall functioning of your relationship. I can help you to build trust and insight that will make communication safer. I will share with you a toolkit of strategies to improve communication. Through building the trust needed to delve into tough-to-discuss issues, an opening will be made for a more compassionate relationship. You’ll go away with a better understanding of who you are, what you want and ways to negotiate your differences.

Here is what I offer

I enjoy helping clients understand themselves and their partner better and learn ways to change patterns that aren’t working. The first thing that has to happen is to take the emphasis of change away from trying to change your partner and learn to accept and heal your own pain. I assist you in better understanding your own reactions and repairing the repercussions of old hurts that keep getting triggered now. I provide tools that decrease the occurrence of reactive behaviors and other things that couples do that causes their partner pain. This leads to an improvement in your interactions with each other and increases the chances of resolving your differences. I will coach you on how you can work as a team in collaboration, increase your comfort in exposing your insecurities and learn ways you can support yourself and your partner when they are in pain.